Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I think

Thoughts meant to be posted here didnt happen the way i had thought. Then I realised, took too long to realise but better late than never, that writing something here is going to take a lot of time which I rarely have. So I am thinking of making this into a photo blog. Now always armed with a camera in my hand, rather my pocket, I would be shooting a lot more pictures, if I remember to use my index finger more often. I hope i achieve this to an extent. Or like the time I started this blog, the euphoria lasts only for the first day and never materialises beyond that. Keeping this thought, my first two pics will be posted right after this drivel.

Thoughts are meant to be thoughts and not put on paper, thats what they say (I have never known who are these people whom they call they). I wil continue later. Let me upload some pics otherwise with my self-inflicted temporary amnesia, I would forget that I started all this for that.


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