Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friendly Neighbourhood

Doing something different for the sake of being different is not too different than doing something different because its really different. So this is me being different. A picture from the neighbouring emirate Sharjah for the first time on this site. Clicked on a bright Friday morning. Enjoy the view.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The world's largest fountain (as claimed)

Here's another to the list of superlatives which exist in Dubai. The world's largest fountain, as they say is truly spectacular. The show starts in the evening around 6 pm I guess and there's a show every 20 minutes which lasts around 4-5 minutes. But be warned. To enjoy it in totality, don't try catching it on camera, the first time you watch it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Magic carpet blooms

Just coming back from a weekend and we see a carpet of flowers, white in the centre with purple outline. It was not there a couple of days ago and suddenly like magic there's a carpet of flowers blooming. Getting ready for the grand opening of Burj Dubai. I keep wondering how do they get it right every time? How do those guys know that this plant will give white flowers or purple flowers? Will they bloom again for the opening next month? Lets wait and watch...

Dubai stands tall

Was walking in the parking lot of the world's largest shopping mall and got a glimpse of the world's tallest building. Sun shining bright, dubai is still standing tall, but i got a strain in my neck. In the aftermath of Dubai v/s world media, who will stand tall? Come for the opening of the tallest building on 4th Jan 2010 and see for yourself. Enjoy the lovely weather and the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fieldrunners Screen Shot

Its one of my favourite games on iPhone. Took a screen shot when I finished the Classic Level Easy. So uploading it here. Maybe it'll inspire someone to use this strategy. But its a different strategy for the medium level.

Ant Attack at DIFC

On my way to work, happened to see some king-size ants in the middle of the road, what we call roundabout here. Dubai or rather UAE is full of roundabouts. I've heard some roundabouts in Abu Dhabi have been gifted (i am not sure of this gifted word) by rulers of neighbouring countries. Btw the ants were gone the next week i passed by the same road. Wonder if the terminators got them.

From the inside of Dubai Metro

Did my 'much-hyped Dubai metro' journey more than a couple of times. Took some pics inside the dubai metro as well as from the moving train. Enjoy.

Dubai Aquarium Blues

Just got one pic in my mobile, of the famous Aquarium in the world's biggest mall next to the world's tallest building, i dont know how. Oh yes, i remember, changed my mobile. Got all the pics on my earlier one. Whatever, something is better than ajibat nothing. Okay, one more confession to make. Been missing for a long time from this site. Another cliche: better late than never.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rare Bird

The crow is a rare bird to come across in the UAE, which apparently are abundant back home. This one posed for the camera, realising how important its presence is out here. Wonder where they get their visas processed?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


After a shower, all the trees are washed but cars really need a wash. No one has started complaining about the heat as yet and April has already begun. Wierd for Dubai. Till then lets enjoy the greener green trees and some flowers that have bloomed, begging for attention and bees, if any. That reminds me of an article on pollination i had read recently. How farms of date palms are pollinated by a man dressed up as a bee. Just kidding. And yes, Bloomingdale is now open in Dubai Mall.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunny side up

How many times have you been able to hold your camera lens directly at the sun and still click an un-exposed picture? Well, I got my chance and I clicked on right away. With the clouds blanketing it, the sun was trying to show its presence felt. It's not an UFO.

Bathing in the open

A massive bathing area opened up recently in Dubai for the feathered kinds, but only for a limited period. Hurry, take a bath till waters last and before the sun takes it all back. Enjoy!

Rainy Day

Rain rain come again! What a reprieve Dubai had for a few days. I know there are much better pictures available on the internet including the one where Burj Dubai - the tallest building in the world, was hit by lightning continuously for approx half an hour. Search and you might find out or you will receive it as a forward soon in your inbox by some lazy friend of yours who cannot type in a hi. These rains are also a sign that this summer is going to hit you real hard.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lucky to be Luky

I think I am going to be repetitive with these typo pics. Because in non-English speaking nations one can come across hundreds. But nothing beats Chinglish. I hope this will be my last pic on typos unless something is really worthwhile.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Multi-utility vehicle (MUV)

Never expected to see this in the Middle East. But surprises hide in every corner. You just need to pause more, see more (as the tagline of Twix says)


Continuing with where I had left last time with the blaring typos, here's another one. It looks like a pass to some government department parking lot.

I think

Thoughts meant to be posted here didnt happen the way i had thought. Then I realised, took too long to realise but better late than never, that writing something here is going to take a lot of time which I rarely have. So I am thinking of making this into a photo blog. Now always armed with a camera in my hand, rather my pocket, I would be shooting a lot more pictures, if I remember to use my index finger more often. I hope i achieve this to an extent. Or like the time I started this blog, the euphoria lasts only for the first day and never materialises beyond that. Keeping this thought, my first two pics will be posted right after this drivel.

Thoughts are meant to be thoughts and not put on paper, thats what they say (I have never known who are these people whom they call they). I wil continue later. Let me upload some pics otherwise with my self-inflicted temporary amnesia, I would forget that I started all this for that.