Monday, November 16, 2009

Fieldrunners Screen Shot

Its one of my favourite games on iPhone. Took a screen shot when I finished the Classic Level Easy. So uploading it here. Maybe it'll inspire someone to use this strategy. But its a different strategy for the medium level.

Ant Attack at DIFC

On my way to work, happened to see some king-size ants in the middle of the road, what we call roundabout here. Dubai or rather UAE is full of roundabouts. I've heard some roundabouts in Abu Dhabi have been gifted (i am not sure of this gifted word) by rulers of neighbouring countries. Btw the ants were gone the next week i passed by the same road. Wonder if the terminators got them.

From the inside of Dubai Metro

Did my 'much-hyped Dubai metro' journey more than a couple of times. Took some pics inside the dubai metro as well as from the moving train. Enjoy.

Dubai Aquarium Blues

Just got one pic in my mobile, of the famous Aquarium in the world's biggest mall next to the world's tallest building, i dont know how. Oh yes, i remember, changed my mobile. Got all the pics on my earlier one. Whatever, something is better than ajibat nothing. Okay, one more confession to make. Been missing for a long time from this site. Another cliche: better late than never.