Monday, December 10, 2007

Travel Diary from The Amazing Media Race at Mall of the Emirates

The Amazing Media Race was held on 5th December 2007 at Mall of the Emirates attended by Reem, Hesham, Joelle and yours truly. It was a test of strength, character and skill. Rushing from one end to the other at Mall of the Emirates without running. Solving clues and completing tasks. Comprising of 16 teams, each with 4 participants competing for the coveted prize of an all expense paid trip to Bahrain F1 Grand Prix. Second prize 4 PlayStation3 and Third prizes 4 Ipod shuffles. Lots of other prizes hidden on the way.

Some physically demanding tasks and some dangerous ones. Putting our hands in a box which had snakes, spiders and other creepy crawlies. Climbing all the way to the top of ski slope (which looked like Mount Everest at that point of time in freezing temperatures and slippery fake snow). And some funny tasks: moving around MOE with shoes three times the size of Mcdonald’s shoe and picking an apple with your mouth from a tub full of water. Also completing three laps in a PS3 game was like a pit stop.

Three hours of constant adventure, over 10 tasks, without a breather was too demanding. The presentation ceremony: Sony team won the first prize and other two teams won the other two prizes. TBWA\RAAD team got a 25-minute penalty* which saw us slip a long way down to the seventh place instead of the 2nd. A truly and literally amazing race. All of us had good fun and a bag full of freebies for everyone participating put a smile back on the tired faces.

* Before the race started we were supposed to write the name of one team to give them 5-minute penalty that’ll be added to their total timing to slow them down. We were the company to get the MOST Yield which gave us 25 minute penalty added to our total timing.

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